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South Gates of Armenia

  Tour to the South Gates of Armenia 

Day 1.
Arrival, dinner, evening walk in Yerevan (Opera, Cascade, Republic Square).

Day 2.
Erebuni - Megeryan carpet - Dinner - Yerevan's Brandy Factory - Tsitsernakaberd: duration 6-7 hours.

In the evening - Byurakan observatory.

Day 3.
Erevan-Sevan (Sevanavank), Dinner at the Sevan, Noratus, Selim, Jermuk (overnight): duration 7-8 hours.

Day 4.
Eco tour to the mountains of Jermuk - Jeep tour - the meal at the mountains (lamb's knifing and Armenian barbecue) - racing - Overnight in Jermuk: duration- all day.

Day 5.
Jermuk, Karahunj, Tatev, meal, Xndzoresk, Goris (overnight at the Goris): duration 6-7 hours.

Day 6.
Goris, Noravank, Areni I cave, at one of the well-known winemaker's places (wine tasting, wine-press), meal, Khor Virap, Erevan: duration 8-9 hours.

Day 7.
Yerevan, Zvartnots, Edjmiatsin, meal, seeing off: duration 3-4 hours.

The package includes:

_ Hotel accommodation (6 nights: 3 nights in Historic Yerevan, 2 nights in Jermuk Hyatt, 1 night in Diana Hotel in Goris);

_ 6 breakfasts & 7 meals (if you want you can add supper);

_ Full transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned minibus or bus);

_ Professional guide service, speaking English; German; Russian

_ Soft drinks and cakes during trips;

_ Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;

_ Insurance of the vehicle and passengers.

Additional information:

This package will give you an opportunity to

Day 1:
Enjoy the night beauty of capital Yerevan.

Day 2:
Learn about ancient Yerevan (Erebuni), founded a few decades earlier than Rome than you can visit the Yerevan Brandy Factory taste unique assortments of brandy and learn about production. In the evening you will have an opportunity to visit Byurakan Observatory, look at the stars and return to Yerevan.

Day 3:
Visit one of the world's largest freshwater lakes in Armenia - Lake Sevan, which is located 1,900 meters above the sea. You will visit the unique Sevanavank then you can see Noratus's famous Xachkars - overnight in Jermuk.

Day 4:
Ecotour in the mountains of Jermuk - Jeep Tour - the meal at the same place, lamb's knifing and Armenian barbecue, tasting of local products, optional horse riding, return to the Jermuk in the evening.

Day 5:
Visiting Armenian Stonehenge, then by the world's longest funicular railway, you can reach the Monastery of Tatev, overnight in Goris.

Day 6:
Visit Noravank's beautiful complex, then visit one of Armenia's vine-growing and wine-making centres of Areni, where you will discover the world's oldest wine-making shop  Areni I cave dating back to the Eneolit period. Here is also found the world's oldest leather shoe. You will participate in the wine production process and will do a wine tasting. On your way back to Yerevan you will visit the monastery of Khor Virap with its unique sceneries.

Day 7:
Visit one of the world's most important Christian centres Etchmiadzin and you will see unique Christian cultural heritage.

For additional information write or phone.

p to 3 people - the price for the package is 4140€
Up to 5 people - the price for the package is 6795€

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7 days in Armenia!