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 Climate of Armenia

Temperatures in Armenia generally depend upon elevation. Mountain formations block the moderating climatic influences of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, creating wide seasonal variations with cold snowy winters, and warm to hot summers.
Features of Armenia Climate:

• The winter temperature of Armenian Highland varies around the freezing point. Summertime is soothing in the Armenian Plateau with an average temperature of 25 degree centigrade. Yerevan, the capital city, features substantial variations in temperature. In the winter, the temperature of Yerevan may go down to - 10 degree centigrade, while in extreme summer the temperature rises above 40 degree centigrade.

•  Armenia climate also features variations in rainfall pattern. The yearly precipitation in the low-lying regions is considerably lower than that in the mountainous terrains of the Armenian Republic. The Arax River valley of Armenia receives only 12 inches of yearly rainfall on an average. The mountain ranges of the Armenian Territory receive heavy rainfall round the year. The rainy season in Armenia occurs twice in a year; the first one lasts from spring to early summer while the months of October and November experience the second spell of rain.
 Many tourists visit Armenia especially in this time of year. Autumn brings vivid colours and good mood to the Yerevan and other cities.

The wide variety of Armenia climate makes it one of the most popular destinations in the southwestern Asia. The most beautiful and charming weather time in Armenia is autumn.

Summer Time

15.04 - 25.10 

Autumn in Dilijan 


Spring in Armenia 


Winter in Tsaghkadzor


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