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Welcome to Armenia!

Holidays of Armenia

 Religious and National Holidays 

Armenian people’s traditions and customs have been formed during many centuries. Armenians are very affectionate about their customs, family, work and other traditional values. Even nowadays, in the conditions of the modern world, they strongly respect and preserve certain traditions!

Here, the list of Armenian holidays that introduces its traditions is provided. So, in case in case you visit Armenia, you are exactly aware of what celebrations are held during your stay and can be present there.

 Date  Holiday Name 

 1–2 January 

New Year Day

 3–5 January

Pre-Christmas holidays 

 06 January 

Christmas Day 

 07 January 

The day of commemoration of all dead people after   Christmas Day 

 28 January 

Army Day

 13 February

Ancient Armenian holiday Trndez 

 14 February

Saint Sargis: the Holiday of Lovers in Armenia 

  08 March

International Womens Holiday 

 07 April

Motherhood and Beauty Day

24 April  Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
 01  May  International Workers' Day 
  08  May Country keeper's day 
  09  May Victory and Peace Day 
  15 May  Family Day
  28  May  Republic Day 
  01 June  The day of protection of children rights
 14 June   The day of memory of repressed people 
 05 July Constitution Day 
 01 September  Knowledge and school Day 

 21 September 
Independence Day 
 05 October  Teacher's Day 
 10 November  Day of self-government 
 07 December  Day of memory of victims of earthquake 
 31 December  New Year's Eve 
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