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Population of Armenia

Population of the Republic of Armenia

The population of Armenia is 3 mln. people. The total number of Armenians in the world is 11-12 mln people. It is one of the most densely populated of the former Soviet republics. It is the unions most ethnically homogeneous country, the 95,66 percent of the population comprises Armenians. However, in the republic, there are sizeable Russian, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Greek, Assyrian populations.

Armenians are inhabited in more than 60 countries of the world – CIS countries, the USA, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey and other countries.

Armenians belong to a large Europeoid racial group in the part of southern Europeoid and in the borders of southern part belong to the Balkan-Caucasian race. Within the Balkan-Caucasian race, the Armenoid type is characterized by medium to dark brown or black hair, light to medium skin colour by large round eyes that were usually dark, hazel-grey or sometimes azure by high cheekbones and non-prominent chins. Lips are thin or medium-thick and the noses are aquiline.

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