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Tour To Dilijan


Duration: + - 10 hours

 During this tour you'll drive about 90 kilometres to the northeast of Armenia's vibrant capital city of Yerevan: the highway narrows into mountainous roads as you enter the Tavush region. During this experience, you'll visit some of the most important places, including the peninsula of Sevan and Sevanavank, the charming Dilijan town, Haghartsin and Lake Parz.

 Your first stop is the picturesque Lake Sevan with its crystal clear water and stunning historic peninsula with the medieval monastery Sevanavank. The wonderful lake that surrounds the peninsula of Sevan and Sevanavank is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. 

Your second stop is the charming town of Dilijan. Here you'll step back in time to explore the beautiful medieval church and khachkars of Haghartsin dating back to the Middle Ages. Then continue the tour through forests to incredible lake Parz to take panoramic photos of the gorgeous landscape at a height of 1,400 metres above sea level.

This package includes:
- Lunch,
- Hotel pick up & drop off;
- Professional guide service,
- Full transportation service,
- Entrance fees to historical and cultural attractions.
For additional information write or phone. 
Up to 3 people - 280€
Up to 5 person   - 320€
Up to 15 person - 490€
Up to 22 person - 830€



UWC International School of Dilijan



Haghartsin Monastery Complex

   Lake Parz & Dilijan National Park 


 Goshavank Monastery Complex


Lake Sevan & Sevanavank Monastery 

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Discover The Sights Armenian Resort Town Dilijan!