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Group Tour To Holy Etchmiadzin


In 2016 on the eve of his visit Armenia, Pope Francis told that he is coming to Armenia as "a pilgrim, to draw on the ancient wisdom of Armenian people and to steep  myself in the sources of your faith” and as "your brother, to pray with you and to share the gift of friendship.”

Take part in a mystical cultural tour experience during a visit to the Holy Etchmiadzin or also called the "Armenian Vatican". See Echmiadzin Cathedral, began construction in 301 and was completed in 303 by King Tiridates III following the instructions of Gregory the Illuminator and it is known as the oldest cathedral in the world from its foundation, was the seat of the Catholicos, the supreme head of the Armenian Church. Experience the revered sites from the early Christian civilization, and make the pilgrimage of all pilgrimages to the tomb of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator, known as the first "Catholicos" of Armenian Apostolic Church. 

The Cathedral has an important museum which known with relics such as the hand of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, a piece of wood from the ark of Noah, relics of Saint Jude Thaddeus (the first evangelist) and the spear of Longinus that pierced the body of Jesus when he was on the cross. It's worth noting you that according to the Catholic tradition the spear (without a tip) is kept in the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican and the tip in the Holy Chapel of Paris

Admire the beauty one of Armenia’s prime attractions: Ruins of Zvartnots Temple, discover the construction of the churches St Hripsime's and St Gayane's dating back to the 4th and 7th centuries and many monuments listed as World Heritage. 
Additional information

Armenia was the first country that made Christianity the official religion of the state back in the early fourth century before the Roman Empire did.

According to the legend St. Gregory had a vision of Christ descending from heaven and striking the earth with a golden hammer at the point where the cathedral was to be built. The patriarch gave the church and the city the new name of Echmiadzín "the place where the Only Begotten descended".

Echmiadzin is together with Jerusalem the holiest city for Armenians.

- Bottled water,
- Full transportation service,
- Professional guide service.
- Lunch,
- Entrance fees to historical and cultural attractions.
Duration: 5 hours
Starting Time: 10:00 am
Meeting Point: Republic Square, Government House 1, 0010 Yerevan, under the clock of Government House at 09:45 

For additional information write or phone. 

Cost per person - 15€ 

Zvartnots Cathedral & The Holy Spear of Longinus


 Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Pope Francis and Catholicos Karekin II in Echmiadzin

Saint Hripsime & Saint Gayane Churches


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