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Tour To Sanahin And Haghpat


Yerevan - Sanahin - Haghpat - Sanahin Bridge - Akhtala Fortress - Yerevan

Get close contact with Armenia and its rich history on a day tour to Sanahin and Haghpat. Relax as you are taken to see the treasures of North Armenia. Then see the medieval bridge of Sanahin and stop off in the stunning castle, Akhtala.

Explore the marvellous medieval monastery complexes Sanahin and Haghpat in the Lori Region.

Step back in time to see monastery complexes dating back to the Middle Ages that will help you to learn the secret behind the Armenian architecture of the 13th century in Lori region (Historic Tashir_Dzoraget).

Then, after visiting one of the most significant architectural constructions of medieval Armenia, enjoy basalt bridge with its bewitching outlines, type of stone and colour combines with the picturesque surrounding become its inseparable treasure, uncover the detailed secrets of the medieval bridge construction.

As a final treat, pause to marvel at the Akhtala's 10th-century fortress with its temple complex and fortress’ territory surrounded by rocky deep canyons from three sides, and the north side joins the plain. Besides the natural advantages, the fortress was protected by tall pyramid gates mutually connected with the picturesque environs which are preserved to this day. The main entrance has a roomy hall with a vaulted roof and a three-storied pyramid tower. 

Discover hair-raising stories of this royal stronghold, being one of the outstanding defensive spots of medieval Armenia,  together with Lori, Kayan, Kaytzon, Gag and other fortresses, played a great role in protecting the northwestern regions and the main road taking from Armenia to Georgia (through Gugark).
This package includes:
- Lunch,
- Hotel pick-up & drop-off,
- Professional guide service,
- Full transportation service,
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips,
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions.

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Up to 3 person   - 334

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Up to 15 person - 742€

Up to 22 person - 1040

  The Medieval Sanahin Bridge 

 Sanahin Monastery Complex 



 Haghpat Monastery Complex








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TOUR TO HISTORIC TASHIR - DZORAGET (duration: 11 hours)!