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Tour Around Garni & Geghard

Tour to Garni - Geghard

This tour program will give you the ability to visit:
_ Temple of Garni
_ "Symphony of Stones”
_ "Lavash Bread" baking ceremony
_ Geghard Monastery complex 

Additional Information:
_ Temple of Garni: it's the only classical standing Greco-Roman collonaded building in Armenia and the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia. It was built in 77 AD, during the reign of King Tiridates I,  in the first century AD as a temple to the sun god Mihr. 
_ Basalt columns along Garni gorge: Garni Canyon lies across the length of the Azat River. The canyon is attractive for the wonderful natural rocks, formed of regular hexagonal cylinders. These rocks start from the beginning up to the highest point of the canyon. The composition is called "Symphony of Stones”.
_ Lavash banking ritual: it's a traditional thin bread that forms an integral part of Armenian cuisine and it's on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Its preparation is typically undertaken by a small group of women, and requires great effort, coordination, experience and special skills. A simple dough made of wheat flour and water is kneaded and formed into balls, which are then rolled into thin layers and stretched over a special oval cushion that is then slapped against the wall of a traditional conical clay oven. After thirty seconds to a minute, the baked bread is pulled from the oven wall of tonir.
_ Geghard: it's a medieval monastery, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The monastery was founded in the 4th century, according to tradition by Gregory the Illuminator. The main church was built in 1215 under the auspices of the brothers Zakare and Ivane, who took back most of Armenia from the Turks. The gavit, partly free-standing, partly carved in the cliff, dates to before 1225, and a series of chapels hewn into the rock dates from the mid-13th century.
The package includes:
- Meal;
- Public Liability Insurance;
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips;
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;
- Professional guide service, speaking English; German; Russian;
- Full transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned minibus or bus).
For additional information write or phone. 

   For a person   - 140

Up to 3 person   - 175

Up to 5 person   - 215

Up to 15 person - 420€

Up to 22 person - 620

Temple of Garni

"Symphony of the Stones" 


Lavash Bread Baking


 Geghard Monastery Complex 


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Day Trip to Temple of Garni & Geghard Monastery

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