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Tour To Tsaghkadzor

City Tour in  Tsaghkadzor  

This tour program will give you the ability to visit:
_ Walking Tour in Tsaghkadzor
_ Orbeli Brothers Museum
_ Kecharis Monastery complex
_ After the end of our tour return to Yerevan. 

Additional Information:

_ Tsaghkadzor: it's a popular health resort in Armenia. Tsaghkadzor was known as Kecharuyk or Kecharis derived from the Kecharis Principality under the Armenian Pahlavuni family. 
The infrastructure of tourism is highly developed in Tsaghkadzor, with many luxurious hotels, resorts and amusement facilities. The Tsaghkadzor ski resort is located just above the town, at a height of 1750 meters above sea level. During the recent years, the ski resort was fully modernized. 
Apart from the lifts, the resort offers ski and snowboard rental as well as skiing instructors. The skiing season in Tsaghkadzor normally starts in mid-December and stretches well into March with the top slopes often fit for skiing in April.
Many luxury hotels and resorts serve the town during the summer and winter seasons including the Marriott Tsaghkadzor, Multi Rest House and so on. The "Senator Royale" casino is among the largest entertainment centres of Tsaghkadzor.
_ Kecharis: in Tsakhkadzor located Kecharis Monastery complex. It was founded by a Pahlavuni prince in the 11th century, and construction continued until the middle of the 13th century. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Kecharis was a major religious centre of Armenia and a place of higher education. Today, the monastery has been fully restored and is clearly visible from the ski slopes.

_ Orbeli Brothers Museum: the House-museum of Brothers Orbeli, is dedicated to the Armenian scientists Ruben, Levon and Joseph Orbeli who were native of Tsaghkadzor. Professor Ruben Orbeli was the founder of marine archaeology and one of the major specialists of ocean engineering. Physiologist Levon Orbeli was a prominent member of the USSR and Armenian SSR academies of science. Scientist Joseph Orbeli was an orientalist specialized in the medieval history of South Caucasus. He administered the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg between 1934 and 1951.
This package includes:
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;
- Professional guide service, speaking English; German; Russian;
- Full transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned minivan; minibus or bus).
For additional information write or phone.

Up to 3 person  - 212

Up to 5 person  - 279

Up to 15 person -478




   Orbeli Brothers Museum

  Kecharis Monastery Complex


Winter Wonderland of Armenia


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One Day Tour to Tsaghkadzor