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Tatev In A Day Private Tour


 From Yerevan: Full-Day Tatev Experience Tour

Travel Around South Armenian Wonder

 Being involved in this tour will give you an opportunity to see 2 greatest destinations in Armenia:
_ Explore the mysteries man-made rock circle of Karahunj;
_ Hear interesting theories behind its construction;
_ Take in Karaunj’s beautiful natural scenery;
_ Board the longest Cable-car (Wings of Tatev) and journey to Tatev Monastery,
_ Take in views of stunning mountain landscapes of the lush South Armenian Highlands;
_ Admire the panoramic stunning bird’s-eye view of the deep gorge of the Vorotan River,
_ Discover the secrets of "Gavazan” Column at Tatev Monastery.

Additional Information:

At 08:00 you will be picked up from your accommodation, then you will be departed to Syunik province. The first stop is  Karahunj also often referred to in international tourist lore as the "Armenian Stonehenge", have a pause and enjoy an Armenian-style lunch at a local restaurant and after lunch continue the tour to Halidzor village, combine with the longest reversible cableway arrive at the Tatev Monastery on this 1-day activity package.
Visit Karahunj: one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world as you are already in Armenia. Admire the mysterious man-made rock circle and surrounding countryside. Learn of its origins, dating back nearly 5,000 years and listen to expert’s interesting theories behind its construction. The  Karahunj structure continues to divide historians as to its precise purpose, but form your own informed theories as you enjoy extended time exploring this marvel of the ancient world at your own pace.
After uncovering Karahunj's secrets, and soaking up the magical atmosphere, continue the tour You’ll make a stop at Halidzor village and with the cableway of the Wings of Tatev continue the tour.
Enjoy an unforgettable journey on the longest reversible aerial tramway the Wings of Tatev that takes you to  Tatev Monastery.
Glide the celestial highway at the altitude of 320 meters above the canopy along a 5752 m span in a comfortable gondola. Get a better view of stunning mountain landscapes of the lush South Armenian Highlands.
You’ll stop at Tatev monastery for a guided walk tour, to learn about the bishopric seat of historical Syunik and significant role in the history of the region as a center of economic, political, spiritual and cultural activity.
 Explore how in the 14th and 15th centuries did Tatev host one of the most important Armenian medieval universities, the University of Tatev, which contributed to the advancement of science, religion and philosophy, reproduction of books and development of miniature painting. 
Admire the panoramic stunning bird’s-eye view of the deep gorge of the Vorotan River, discover "Gavazan” Column at Tatev Monastery, a pillar with a pivoting base, which tilted when the ground shook from tremors caused by earthquakes, get introduced to the monastery's construction.
You will be back to Yerevan in the evening, between 21:00 and 22:00.

This package includes:
- Lunch;
- Bottled water;
- Hotel pick-up & drop-off,
- Professional guide service;
- Full transportation service;
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips;
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions.
For additional information write or phone

Up to 3 person   - 530

Up to 5 person   - 653

Up to 15 person - 1217 

Tatev Monastery 


Karahunj & Wings Of Tatev

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