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Exotic Tour in Khosrov Forest Reserve

Only 1 hour from Yerevan and lower is Khosrov Preserve with rock formations, tumbling waterfalls and plenty of oddities like caves, ruins of churches, fortresses, green hills, lichen-covered forest and etc..

Participating at this tour will give you an opportunity to emerged on the trace of Arshakuni kings and admire with the hidden gems of Khosrov reserve.

_ Jeep Tour to numerous outstanding locations.

_ Optional horse riding in the preserve's territory.

_ Discover the Kaqavaberd fortress and Akhjots church.

_ Admire with the stunning nightly view of Garni temple.

_ Explore beautiful forest flora and fauna, Vahagni waterfall.

_ Admire beautiful scenery with flowers, endemic bird species, vertebrate animals.

_ Hear the interesting histories about the heroes of the Khosrov preserve: about Caucasian leopard and Bezoar goat.

With your knowledgeable nature guide, you will discover one of the beautiful landscapes of Armenia and learn about the fauna and flora in the surrounding. Reflect on the wonders of nature as you discover unique rock formations and diverse wildlife, hear interesting stories of Khosrov reserve. You’ll take in the geological drama of sheer cliffs, enjoy a magnificent view of the Vahagni waterfall, lichen-covered forests, learn about the ruins of Kaqavaberd fortress and Aghjoz church and more .. Enjoy a true horse ride before you begin the descent on a well-formed track and guided unique off-road with the jeep access to numerous outstanding locations, allowing you to experience the hidden gems of Khosrov reserve.

Descending through magnificent mountain and silver beech forest, the effects of different altitude and weather conditions experienced in the preserve are clear to see as the trees and undergrowth quickly change, creating a varied backdrop for your hike. At the half-way point, you will pass under magnificent towering limestone bluffs, allowing the guide to share the geology of preserve with dramatic visual examples.

Additional information:

The Khosrov Reserve was founded during the reign of the Armenian King Khosrov Arshakuni 3rd in the 4th century and it's well known for the rich diversity of fauna and flora. On the territory of the reserve, making only 1% of the whole territory of Armenia there are 1,849 species of high vascular plants, which makes more than the half of the flora of Armenia (more than 3,800 species total) and about 1/3 of the wealth of the Caucasus flora (about 6,000 species total). The reserve is the home waterfalls, plenty of oddities like caves, lichen-covered forest, ruins of churches, fortresses etc.. There are 283 species of vertebrate animals. Out of them, more than 58 are registered in the Red Data Book of Armenia and 51- in the IUCN Red List.

Khosrov reserve is the home of Caucasian leopard, Eurasian lynx, brown bear, wolf, wild swine, bezoar goat, hare, weasel, stone marten, badger and other species.

According to petroglyphs and written sources, Bezoar goat has been inhabiting the reserve all through the ages. Numerous rock paintings on the territory of the reserve and bezoar goat ornaments of monuments from the Middle Ages are the evidence of its long-lasting existence on the territory.

According to written sources, the Caucasian leopard has always been the pride of ancient Armenia. The Armenian royal dynasties and government houses depicted the Caucasian leopard on their flags and armour. In our days, this animal is also under special care of the government.

This package includes:
- Lunch,
Jeep tour,
Optional horse riding,
- Full transportation service,
- Professional guide service,
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips,
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions.
For additional information write or phone.
For a person - the price for the package is 380

Up to 3 person - the price for the package is 485

Up to 7 person - the price for the package is 830





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