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Tour To Mekhitarist Order In Vienna 

Starting time: 11:00 am

Duration: up to 2 hours

Available days: Monday,  Saturday
Meeting point: Mekhitarist Monastery of Vienna, Mechitaristengasse 4, AT-1070 Wien, Austria

Are you looking for a special tour in Vienna? Would you like to discover the secret sites in Vienna? On this comprehensive guided tour, you’ll experience the best of the Mekhitaris Order in just 2 hours. 

The Mekhitarist Congregational tour in Vienna is an incredibly effective way to a greater understanding of the role that the Mekhitarist Order played and plays in the Armenian and Austrian legacy and how for nearly three centuries the Armenian Mekhitarist Order has been noted for its invaluable intellectual and scholarly achievements and for its role in the Renaissance of Armenian Culture in the nineteenth century they became "the first pioneers of Austrian Culture in the Orient".  

A significant number of ancient and medieval manuscripts, coins, folk costumes, rugs, books, periodicals, and other items and intriguing individuals bring the past and present of Armenia to life in the heart of Austria during this tour. The participants of this incredible experience will explore and are challenged to ponder the meaning and the glory of the Mekhitarist Order. 

- Taste famous Mechitharine liqueur, 

- Admire the Loretto-Chapel unhindered, 

- Marvel at the interior of Maria Schutz Church, 

- See one of the greatest art collections in the world, 

- Explore the fascinating world of the Mekhitaris Library, 

- Hear in-depth stories behind the art from your expert guide, 

- Walk past and discover the famous three centuries of the Armenian Mekhitarist Order, 

- Learn more about the history, architecture, culture, and Monks of the Mekhitarist Order.   

The tour will begin with an introduction to the history of the Mekhitarist Congregation in Vienna, recovered from bygone days when Abbot Mekhitar of Sebaste, founded his Congregation in Constantinople in 1701 and how in 1717, he founded a monastic order of the Armenian Catholic Church at Saint Lazarus Island from which the Vienna branch broke off in 1773. Hear in-depth the history of how the branch initially settled in Trieste but moved to Vienna in 1805. 

Your learned monk will highlight the Church Maria Schutz built in 1874 replacing the old Cappuccine one. Your tour will continue into the church's interior before venturing through the library and museum of the monastery. Here your guide will point out the outstanding altar painting showing St Mary’s protection of Armenia, painted by Camillo Sitte and a particularly remarkable piece of the altar dedicated to St Gregory the Illuminator, designed by Theophil von Hansen, the architect of the Austrian Houses of Parliament in Vienna. From here you will proceed into the Loretto-Chapel holding the miraculous baroque picture "Mary with the Rose” which fortunately was rescued intact from the perils of the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683.  

Go on and pass the Refectory, marvel at the most impressive element in the refectory is the monumental painted by Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld "The Feeding of the Five Thousand”. 

Your tour will continue on to the Mekitarists Museum and Library: Dive into the fascinating world of the Mekhitaris Library and discover one of the most outstanding collections in the world: more than 2,800 Armenian manuscripts and more than 170,000 volumes of ancient and modern Armenian publications and the largest collection of Armenian newspapers and magazines (80,000 volumes) found in the Western world. We'll accompany you through the various exhibitions of the museum and your guide tell you more about the special features of the Mekhitaris numismatic collection of coins (10,000 Armenian and 20,000 from other countries), ceramics, carpets, and other items, mainly of Armenian production. The gallery contains valuable paintings by Armenian artists, among which there are three paintings by Ian Aivazovsky. 

Later you'll be redirected towards the part of the Congregation's complex, which produces the famous Mechitharine liqueur. Here some of the tricks on the elaboration will be revealed to you. You'll be informed about the production of the liquor showing the technology, equipment, and products. 

At the end, it includes high-quality Mechitharine liqueur tasting. During it, you'll discover some of the secrets about the Mechitharine liqueur world, its unique taste, its history, its families, and the business.

This tour includes:
_ Guide Service,
_ Entrance fees to historical and cultural attractions (liqueur tasting 3 types).


- English

- German


Preis –75€/Book (pp)




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Walk past and discover the famous three centuries the Armenian Mekhitarist Order!