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Tour To Garni And Geghard


Discover the historical villages of Garni and Geghard. With a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, this tour explores the Sun Temple of Garni and the Geghard Cave Monastery, as well as the scenic Garni Canyon.
This tour program will give you the ability to visit:
_ Temple of Garni,
_ "Symphony of Stones”,
_ "Lavash Bread" baking ceremony,
_ Geghard Monastery complex.

Additional Information:
The spiritual histories of Paganism and Christianity come alive on this tour of key religious sites in the Kotayk region. Ideal for travellers hoping to learn more about this complex culture, this tour explores the Pagan Temple Garni and nearby Christian Monastery of Geghard.

After pick-up in air-conditioned vehicles, the first stop is the village of Garni. Here the guests visit the magnificent Hellenistic Sun Temple of Garni: it's the only classical standing Greco-Roman colonnaded assembly in Armenia and a best-known structure and symbol of pre- christian Armenia. It was built in 76 AD, during the reign of King Tiridates I, in the first century AD as a temple to Mihr, the god of sun

Afterwards, the tour moves to Garni Canyon, where the famous rock formations of hexagonal cylinders make up the "Symphony of Stones".
Before leaving Garni, our guests will be given an opportunity to experience local culture by baking traditional Lavash bread.
Here, enjoy and learn about the techniques for making LAVASH.
You will be part of a select group to step behind the counter of a typical Armenian lavash. In the bakery you will watch the demonstration of lavash baking by a master baker, using techniques which have been passed down through generations.
The bakers will be revealed to you all secrets of the lavash's making.

The final stop of the tour is Geghard Cave Monastery, a huge building, partially carved from the mountain rock it is built upon. Here the spectacular towers and unique lighting conditions create an unforgettable sight. After exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site, guests will be transported back to their accommodations in Yerevan.

This package includes:
- Lunch,
- Hotel pick-up & drop-off,
- Professional guide service,
- Full transportation service,
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips,
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions.

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Up to 15 person - 938

Temple of Garni

"Symphony of the Stones" 


Lavash Bread Baking


 Geghard Monastery Complex 


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Discover the Hellenistic Temple of Garni and mysterious Geghard Monastery!