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City Tour in Yerevan

City Tour in Yerevan

This tour program will give you the ability to visit:
_ Erebuni Fortress
_ Megerian Carpet
_ Yerevan Brandy Factory: Cognac Tasting 
_ Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
_ Tsitsernakaberd: Armenian Genocide Memorial
_ Walking tour to Cascade - Opera House - North Avenue - the Republic Square.

Additional Information:
_ Erebuni Fortress: it's an Urartian fortified city, located in Yerevan. Erebuni was founded by Urartian King Argishti I  in 782 BC. It was built on top of a hill called Arin Berd overlooking the Arax River Valley to serve as a military stronghold to protect the kingdom's northern borders. Erebuni has been described as being "designed as a great administrative and religious centre, a fully royal capital. The name Yerevan itself is derived from Erebuni.

_ Megerian Carpet: the first carpet museum opened in Yerevan in 2014. It presents Armenian ancient carpets having a history of about 200 years as well as exclusive samples from the personal collection of the Megerian Family. Megerian Carpet Company took up the mission to popularize and present the Armenian carpets in a single museum among the local and international communities. The exhibition of the museum regularly refreshes, replenishes and replaces by new items. About 50 samples of the exhibited carpets brought from New York.
Visiting here you will get a chance to see weavers working on their patterns and learn about the history of the trade.  Learn about tapestry art, different patterns, and design your own carpet by trying to make a few nodes.

_ Yerevan Brandy Company: the production of Armenian brandy can be traced to 1887 when an upper guild merchant named Nerses Tairyants built the country's first combined winery and distillery on the site of the former fortress of Yerevan. In 1899, the Armenian brandy distillery founded by Nerses Tairyants was acquired by the industrialist Nikolai Shustov. In 1900, he anonymously sent several bottles of his brandy for judging at an exhibition in Paris. The professional jury unanimously awarded the unidentified vintner the Grand-Prix. When they discovered that the winner was not French, they made an exception to the traditional rules and allowed Shustov to label his brandy "cognac." In 1913, the distillery produced 82,500 buckets of brandy, and Nikolai Shustov was named official purveyor to the Russian Imperial Court. ARARAT brandies produced by Yerevan Brandy Company embody the Legend itself, the spirit of Armenia, its cultural and historical heritage and the craftsmanship of the Armenian people.

_ Tumo Center for Creative Technologies: it's free of charge digital media learning centre in Yerevan.  Since its opening in 2011, the centre has provided thousands of students aged 12–18 an open environment where they can use the latest in digital tools, learn from media professionals, and explore the intersection of technology and art. Among the famous visitors of Tumo Center in Yerevan were Ian Gillan, Kanye West, George Clooney and Charles Aznavour.

_ Tsitsernakaberd: it's Armenia's official memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, built in 1967 on the hill of Tzitzernakaberd in Yerevan. Every year on April 24-the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day-thousands of Armenians gathers at the memorial to commemorate the victims of the genocide.

This package includes:
- Meal;
- Public Liability Insurance;
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips;
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;
- Professional guide service, speaking English; German; Russian;
- Full transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned minivan, minibus or bus).

For additional information write or phone

    For a person   - 135€

Up to 3 person   - 200

Up to 5 person   - 280

Up to 15 person - 560

Up to 22 person - 805€

Erebuni Fortress


Modern Yerevan











History Museum of Armenia




 Yerevan Brandy Company  

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Tour to Eternal City of Armenia

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