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Tour to Sanahin - Hagphat

 Sanahin - Hagphat - Sanahin Bridge

This tour program will give you the ability to visit:
_ Medieval Sanahin Bridge
_ Sanahin Monastery
_ Haghpat Monastery
_ After the end of our tour return to Yerevan. 

Additional Information:

_ Sanahin Bridge: it's one of the most significant architectural constructions of medieval Armenia which located in Alaverdi city. The bridge is located above narrow and fertile banks of the River Debed flow. The basalt bridge with its bewitching outlines, type of stone and colour combines with the picturesque surrounding becoming its inseparable treasure.

_ Sanahin: it's one of the greatest Medieval monasteries of Armenia and has beautiful architecture. The complex belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church with numerous khachkars (stones with elaborate engravings representing a cross) and bishop gravesites scattered throughout it.

_ Haghpat: it's a medieval monastery complex. The monastery was founded by Queen Khosrovanuysh, wife of the Bagratid king Ashot III, in 976 which has a unique architecture including the unusual gavit, the defence of the monastery. Haghpaht had a significant influence on Armenian culture.

Sanahin and Haghpat monastery complexes represent the highest flowering of Armenian religious architecture, whose unique style developed from a blending of elements of Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture and the traditional vernacular architecture of the Caucasian region. They were placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1996.
The package includes:
- Meal;
- Jeep tour;
- Optional horse riding;
- Public Liability Insurance;
- Soft drinks and cakes during trips;
- Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;
- Professional guide service, speaking English; German; Russian;
- Full transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned minibus or bus).
For additional information write or phone. 

   For a person   - 170

Up to 3 person   - 210

Up to 5 person   - 235

Up to 15 person - 450€

Up to 22 person - 615

  The Medieval Sanahin Bridge (UNESCO World Heritage site)

 Sanahin Monastery Complex 



 Haghpat Monastery Complex








Alaverdi is a town in the Lori Province in the northeastern part of Armenia, near the border with Georgia. It is located at the only direct rail link between Armenia and Georgia. Situated at the bottom of the Debed river gorge, Alaverdi is an important commercial and industrial centre in northern Armenia.


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