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Welcome to Armenia!



Joining in this tour will give you an opportunity to see Armenia with the eyes of the insider:
_ See impressive Mt. Ararat from a unique viewpoint;
_ Explore the Church of the Khor Virap, considered to be the oldest continuously operating Christian church in the world;
_ Explore the beautifully delicate formations in Areni Cave 1; 
_ Reflect on the wonders of nature as you discover unique rock formations and native wildlife;
_ Learn the fascinating Areni Cave 1 history and geology of the cave from a knowledgeable local guide;
_ Enjoy the taste of Armenian wine made with great excellence!
_ You will have a pause enjoy an Armenian-style lunch at a local restaurant and continue after lunch;
_ Admire with Noravank church and Khachkars of Momik dating back 13 century.

 Additional Information:
Head to one of the well-known pilgrimage sites for the Armenians, as it is associated with the name of Gregory the Illuminator, the founder of the Armenian church, who was imprisoned there for 14 years by King Tiridates III of Armenia. From here admire the panoramic view of the Mt. Ararat, Armenia's most famous symbol and highest mountain of Armenian Highland will give you a memorable image of snow-capped Mt. Ararat in all its glory. Your professional guide will explain to you the architectural composition of Khor Virap and tell interesting stories and legends about Khor Virap, Noah's Ark and Mt. Ararat.
Continuing the tour head to Areni. Discover the Vayots Dzor earth, beauty, art and nature on this winery tour with the visit to Areni Wine Factory. Have a walk between the vineyards and along with a wine tasting of organic wines. You will also be able to buy or order the organic products.
Next, go to explore the ancient cave formations, high chambers and huge stalactites and stalagmites of Areni cave 1. It is a substantial number of Chalcolithic sites have been identified across the territory of modern Armenia. Areni I represent the second half of the Chalcolithic, dating approximately between 4500 and 3400 BC. Areni I cave complex was occupied during that same period for ritual purposes related to mortuary activities. The dry environment of the cave together with a stable temperature provided excellent conditions for the preservation of organic materials. 
Desiccated grains, fruits, textiles, leather, and even grass, which usually are not found at other sites, open a window onto an unknown world of perishable artefacts produced and used by Chalcolithic civilizations. Especially noteworthy is the discovery, deep in the cave, of the world’s oldest presently known wine pressing installation, dating back to around 4000 BC, and of the world’s oldest leather shoe, dated approximately to 3600 BC.
Areni 1 Cave is a magical, mystical place and best known with his archaeological artefacts. Your tour is led by an experienced guide who will bring the history, features and archaeological artefacts of the cave to life with their storytelling.
Enter the cave and walk along safe boardwalks into narrow chambers. Discover the colony of cave weta, large insects unique to Armenia, just inside the entrance.
Further, you will continue to Soth, to see Noravank: one of the greatest Medieval monasteries of Armenia and learn about the beautiful architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and birthplace of one of the famous architecture and manuscript schools in medieval Armenia.
You will arrive in Yerevan in the evening, between 18:00 and 19:00.
This package includes:
- Lunch,
- Wine tasting,
- Full transportation service,
- Professional guide service,
- Entrance fees to historical and cultural attractions.
For additional information write or phone.

Up to 3 person  - 245

Up to 5 person  - 290

Up to 15 person - 570

Up to 22 person - 735€

 Pope Francis and Catholics of All Armenians Karekin II releasing white doves in the direction of Mount Ararat during a visit to the Khor Virap Monastery


Khor Virap & Noah's Ark


The Areni Cave 1 


 Wine Tasting in Areni




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Tour to magical, mystical place Areni I Cave and so on...