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In 2016 on the eve of his visit Armenia, Pope Francis told that he is coming to Armenia as "a pilgrim, to draw on the ancient wisdom of Armenian people and to steep myself in the sources of your faith” and as "your brother, to pray with you and to share the gift of friendship.”

Tourism is one of Armenian fastest growing and most profitable industrial sectors.

Start of the tourist boom one of Armenia's very first tourism draws were achievements of the great Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia and the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia for all of mankind. Travelling to

Armenia, to Armenian 12 historic capitals from Van (the first capital of ancient Armenia, then Artashat, Tigranakert, Dvin, Ani, Sis and etc.) today Yerevan and the Holy Echmiadzin have been courteous from very early on. World travellers from all over Europe, from China and from other countries travelled through Armenia and they were enchanted by the country's splendor and charm. Architecture, sculpturing, painting and a distinct artistic tradition were at the centre of attention.

Armenia's image changed in the late 20th century steering away from the exclusive focus and cultural sights and art now attracting ordinary people. Nowadays, the country with a glorious past struck a chord with the spirit of the Enlightenment.

Tourism in Armenia develops to this day. Since journeys to Armenia initially used to be culture-heavy and motivated by the desire to experience the ancient world and romantic notions, the idea of what is today known as the Republic of Armenia. After independence in 1991, the modern Armenian tourism boom only began in the 2000s.

Back then thousands from Europa, Russia, neighbour Iran, North and South America and from many other countries travelled to Armenia for its rich culture, cuisine, history and art, its mountains and green hills, and priceless ancient monuments. Hear some of the secrets about the Armenian Cognac world, its history, taste irreplaceable Armenian Cognac and high-quality Armenian white and red wine as you are already in Armenia. Thousands of histories and mysteries hidden in ancient churches and castles, alpine lakes and rivers, in majestic rocks and breathtaking canyons. Armenia also contains more World Heritage Sites. Tourists prefer to spend most of their time in Yerevan where the majority of hotels and travel agencies are located in. Nowadays Armenia has become a highly versatile holiday destination offering a little something for everyone ranging from the classic tours to culture-heavy city trips to ski weeks in the mountain resorts outside of the capital - Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, Dilijan - visiting historical and cultural monuments along with natural monuments of Armenia. But that is not all as a continuing stream of new ideas, events and products constantly attract new guests and visitors to Armenia creating the desire for a Trip to Armenia.

The highly successful mix of culture, entertainment and culinary art, the population’s hospitality and, especially, lots of sun continue to make Armenia one of the best tour destinations in the world.
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Armenia: one of the world's foremost tourist destinations as such, for various reasons!