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Armenian National Customs

Armenian National Customs 

Armenian customs describe the nation’s unique characteristics, distinguish them from other nations of the world. These customs can be felt and seen in any interaction with Armenians in any sphere of life.


Armenian weddings are an inseparable part of Armenian culture! Today, Armenian weddings are mostly crowded and noisy gatherings that are too expensive for both the groom’s and the bride’s families!

But the positive thing about Armenian weddings is that one might get totally relaxed by just attending this sort of event.

There is always a lot of dance, song, food and drink during Armenian weddings and, of course, a lot of people you probably won’t even know!

Helpful people 

Armenian people are mostly known as hospitable and communicative people and they are usually helpful and supporting in any situation in life!

If you are in Armenia, regardless of your nationality and the language you speak, these people will do their best to understand what you want, where you want to go and will even accompany you to the necessary place!

Attitude towards others

Being quite a traditional nation, Armenians have preserved the value of respecting other people around them.

But there are certain groups of people that get special attention and emphasized respect! Those are elderly people. Armenians always respect the elderly and try not to disappoint them.

Children come next in the list of people getting special love and respected. Older people, parents mostly try not to reject their kids’ demands and needs. This isn’t good, in terms of raising and bringing the children up! But, at the same time, this shows how people care for their children, trying to make everything possible and impossible for them.

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