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Armenian Cognac Tasting Tour


 Never be late for dinner, smoke Havana cigars and drink Armenian Cognac - Winston Churchill.

Cognac is a spirit  unlike any other alcohol drinks. Do you know that cognac may include up to 45 different flavours? During this Cognac Tasting Tour, some of the tricks on the elaboration will be revealed to you.

This tour will give you the ability to explore the main secrets of unrepeatable Armenian Cognac:
_ Discover the world of Armenian Cognac,
_ Get introduced to the main tricks of cognac making,
_ Get introduced to the production process of barrels for cognac,
_ Leaflets on how to taste a cognac, how to pair cognac & food,
_ Tastings of a minimum of 3 different flavoured cognacs, ages range from 3 to 30 years,
_ Presentation of cognacs, vines and the distillers' technics and skills,
_ Hear some of the secrets about the cognac world, its history, its families and the business.

Enjoy an expert introduction to the 150-year-old spirit of Armenian Cognac on this 1-hour cognac tasting masterclass. Visit the famous Yerevan Brandy Factory and learn how its unique flavour is created, why it’s given names of  "Ararat", "Akhtamar", "Dvin" and etc. and how to distinguish between different blends and vintages. During this 1-hour tour, you will learn all about its production: selection and harvest of the grapes, cognac making, distillation, ageing, and bottling. The tour is also suitable for people reluctant to drink strong alcohol, as they can enjoy learning about the history and smelling the delicate perfume of the cognac.  You will participate actively in a tasting workshop with an expert who will introduce you to the elixir of cognac, and help you discover the various distinctive flavours, characteristics, vintages and blends of the great cognacs. Enjoy a full presentation and taste 3 sorts of cognacs from different vintages, ages and blends. At the end of the tour, you will be able to recognize and appreciate a well-balanced good cognac.

This tour includes:
- Hotel pick up;
- Professional guide service;
- Tastings of 3 cognacs, from 3 to 30 years of age.
For additional information write or phone.

Price for the 50€





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Never be late for dinner, smoke Havana cigars and drink Armenian brandy - Winston Churchill