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Mechitharine Liqueur Tasting Tours

Enjoy the authentic taste of some of Mechitharine's best liqueurs with an oriental touch and discover the humble beginnings of the spirit!

Starting time: 10:00 am

Duration: up to 50 minutes

Available days:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Meeting point: Mekhitarist Monastery of Vienna, Mechitaristengasse 4, AT-1070 Wien, Austria

For many around the world, the Mekhitarist Congregation in Vienna is instantly equated to the great brand Mechitharine. The monks produce excellent liquors. If you’ve travelled to Vienna without trying these Austrian (Armenian/Oriental) liquors, you’ve been missing out!

_ Taste high-quality Mechitharine liqueur,

_ Get introduced to some tricks of liqueur making,

_ Tips on how to taste liqueur, how to pair liqueur & food,

_ Tastings of a minimum of 3 different flavoured liqueurs,

_ Hear some of the secrets about the Mechitharine liqueur world, its history, its families, and the business.

Full Description
Mechitharine liqueurs are some of the most popular sweetened spirits across Austria. It has been manufactured since 1889 by the Mekhitarist Order in Vienna.

A classically European drink (with oriental touch), Mechitharine liqueurs stand out from the rest because of their strong alcohol content (alcohol by volume: 30%) and rich flavour. The lush, rural Austrian countryside is absolutely perfect for growing the sweet fruits and aromatic herbs that feature prominently in liqueur ingredient lists, and centuries of distillery knowledge have perfected the art of creating the spirit. The famous liqueur, which was at the time supplied to the court of the Emperor of Austria, is made from exotic fruits, 42 herbs, roots, and spices, with no synthetic or chemical additives. The recipe, which was brought by Monastery founder Mkhitar of Sebaste from Constantinople to Venice (in the 1700s), is kept strictly secret.

Our tour is personally designed to suit your needs and interests and ensure you enjoy yourself throughout your trip. Whether you’re new to liqueur or something of a connoisseur, we combine expert Mekhitharinknowledge of the product we craft a tasting tour that is unlike any other.

Enjoy an expert introduction to the 150-year-old spirit of Mekhitharine liqueur on this 50-minute liqueur tasting masterclass. Hear some of the secrets about the liqueur world, its history, its families, and the business.

After the masterclass if you like our liqueur, several types of liqueur are available for purchase: "sweet, Original", "semi-bitter" and "noble-bitter" sugar-free for diabetics.


Mechitharine you can buy only in the Mekhitarist Monastery.

This experience at the Mekhitarist Congregation will be even richer thanks to the stories, tells, and the history that the guide will share with you during the tour.


This tour includes:
_ Guide Service
_ Liqueur tasting 3 types

- English
- German
- Armenian


Price for one person – 69€/Book




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Taste the best Mechitharine in Vienna: a classically European drink with oriental touch